Green Dragon Medicinal Society

Green Dragon Medicinal Society (GDMS) or Green Dragon is a registered not-for-profit society operated by a Board of Directors and a group of Health Care professionals. Our boutique, cannabinopathic dispensary is located in the design area of Chinatown in Victoria. We have had a City of Victoria Business License since opening our doors to our members.

Founded and registered as a not-for-profit Society in September 2014. Our 5 person Board of Directors provides administrative oversight to our day-to-day operation. Three of our Board members are healthcare professionals with a combined total experience of over 100 years. Our Chief Purchasing Officer is a Board member with numerous years of industry experience in the art and cultivation of flowers.  Our passion and dedication ensures our members that GDMS will only source the best and most reliable medicinal marijuana products available for their healthcare needs. There can be no compromise when it comes to protecting the health of our clients.

GDMS has been at the forefront of the evolution of the medicinal cannabis community in Victoria by providing its members access to the highest quality products, great value, excellent customer service and sound medicinal knowledge and information since it opened its doors on November 15, 2014. GDMS with its roots firmly embedded in public health, ensures the medicinal client that the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation are constantly maintained. You have our promise that our hands will never directly touch your medications and we never compromise on quality!

Green Dragon Medicinal Society serves the Victoria medicinal marijuana community with an extensive selection of the finest quality marijuana flowers, CBD oils, concentrates, hashish, ‘medibles’, tinctures, topicals, papers, and cooking products. Our knowledgeable cannabinopathic consultants are always available to assist and provide information and guidance as necessary. We also provide fact sheets and pertinent information for each strain of marijuana flowers we carry.

We source our flowers from an experienced cadre of expert gardeners, all of whom have Medical Marijuana Access Regulation permits or the new Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation, bringing only the highest quality of flowers to our clients. All products are ‘test driven’ before entering our display cases. Medical marijuana should always burn a silver-white; never black. Marijuana that burns black may have mould, mildew, or fungus; it may have a residual of fertilizer; or it may be improperly cured or a combination of these problems.

At Green Dragon Medicinal Society, we guarantee all our products to be only the highest quality. Good public health practices ensure public trust and confidence.